Monday, 29 August 2011

My Friend Said ... #2

"If i was to change my name I would be called Cliff Callaghan and 
I would sell second hand speed boats in San Trope" 

By Constantine Callaghan, who's got loads to say at (mostly serious stuff)!

Friday, 26 August 2011

My Friend Said ... #1

Dimi: let's talk about something happy :)
Friend: i got a free pizza today!! a huge one!!!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Dimi says Hello!

This Is Dimi.
Hello and welcome to my blog!

I'm Dimi, a 20 something semi-creative economist, music reviewer and occasional journalist. I've had blogs before but i wanted to start from scratch and so i made this one "Dimi Says". You can read more about me, well at the about me section!

I intend on writing about various things ranging from music, sharing art or even more obscure and random thoughts. I also like to say things, so i hope you'd like to listen...or well, read!

The name of the blog is a long story you might want to read. If not, skip this paragraph. I have found over the years that writing is sharing, no matter what you write about. Your blog name is like your identity. It's like when you read the guardian you expect that there are certain things you'll find in there.  So it took an endless brainstorming session with my friend fellow blogger Marietta, of - who btw took these awesome (!!) pics-  to come up with one.

And we didnt. Then one day someone at work suggester Dimi_Says. I had thought of that before as it is my twitter name for a very long time, but it didnt seat well then. So from "the debonair chestnut" (which is used for stallions whilst debonair is also an indian mens magazine) to the "the debonair clasp" and the list goes on, we ended with this one.

So blog-world, i give you "Dimi_Says"! Oh by the way, this is an interactive blog, your comments suggestions or criticism is more than welcome! :)

Much love,
Dimi x