Sunday, 27 November 2011

Justi a quickie

Let's all take a moment and just consider this. Just because it is true. 

Friday, 25 November 2011


I tried to make it for a month without blogging.I failed. I also started another blog for a conference i am currently organizing. Oh Blogger how i love thee. 

The conference went really good! This year it was in Istanbul, next year i hope it will be in Athens!!! I've been involved into an student NGO promoting exchange programmes, non formal education, and above all students helping students. I've been involved since 2007, even before i went for my exchange abroad. In the last year i felt like i had lost my interest in the association- i felt like i always met the same sort of person and i have been having the same conversation over and over again. 

But this year was different. The participants were inspiring and excited to be there, or maybe i found my lost inspiration or should i say motivation. In any case it was a nice break from my boring jobless life. 

Being in a conference made me think about two things. First how people work in groups. Second, how people work in larger groups. The main question being, who is really comfortable in his own shoes?In a multi-diverse environment who is brave enough to be him/her self??
There are the types of people described above, to which i would like to add, the person who tries to prove himself smarter than everybody else (smart-ass if you will) and another who does something but not everything and maintains a good relationship with everybody, the inspiration. I like people like that, i think they're cool! 

Then we need to consider how people act in larger groups. In larger groups, i think people try to fit a certain motive, and thus loose originality. I find that people with the lose of originality and differentiation gain a certain degree of self-esteem and confidence. It's sad, because i think people win people over if they are original, confident and have the guts to be different. Those people are inspirational. I love them.

Lets all be different together!!! And yes, i will be all pro confidence here. 

PS. Thank you chibird, i love your stuff! 
Coming soon on Dimisays : the pyjama lifestyle, multinationality and a tiny trip to Istanbul! 

Thursday, 3 November 2011


escapism (ɪˈskeɪpɪzəm) —noun
an inclination to or habit of retreating from unpleasant or
unacceptable reality, as through diversion or fantasy

This key is symbol to my pledge

Amidst the current economic crisis in Athens, Greece, where i am more than happy to reside, i find myself with the will or rather need to escape more often than not.  It is a hard situation we are facing, and it is worse that there is no sympathy from the EU. This puts me in a bubble of panic : What will tomorrow be like?

As a person, i can not complain and can not thank my parents enough for what they have offered me. But when i an equipped with all i need for life and life stops right in front of me- what am i supposed to do then? When it is not only our happiness that's in stake here, but our survival, what do we do then??

The greeks over the years have been through an array of difficult periods and thus produced this quote: "In order to survive poverty, you need to have a good time" You need to escape it and focus on brighter things.
Therefore, i would like to make a pledge to focus on brighter things and things that take away this feeling of panic, uncertainty and depression. There are more things to be glad about: health, life and people around you that love and inspire you.

For my nameday an awesome guy i know gave me the most awesome present for my celebration, and he's getting one back too. He gave me "the key" to open the door to my escape, i use it as a symbol of my pledge.

Where is your key?