Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Suddenly it's 2 years after

I had sort of an epiphany today.... I remembered what i was doing today exactly 2 years ago. Yes, two years ago: melancholy mode ON!

So today, i woke up bright and early, went to work for 12 hours, contemplated what the hell i was doing there and if i'm cut out to do this sort of work- i think i am. On top of that, adding a tiny dose of melancholy, i wondered where my expectations and aspirations went and as a result decided to take drastic measures in order to change whatever it is i dont like. Oh, for the 50th time in 2012 that is. 

So August 27, 2012 i am working a 12 hours shift, i teach children aged 4-6 english and I spent more than i can afford on clothes, music, alcohol and having fun  and i am still looking for someone special. I, ladies and gentlemen, am a 25 year old with issues. But lets face it, so are you. 

So on the 27 of August, 2010 I was living abroad, i was just about finishing my MA dissertation and i couldnt wait for the real life to begin. I worked on my research paper all day and then proceeded to go out with a guy i hardly liked whilst sending a small birthday message to the guy i actually liked. 

The main problem in 2012 is i think the lack a source of inspiration. In each chapter of our lives there is an element that fuels us with inspiration. Anybody has seen mine?It is either a person or your will to be with a certain special someone, a combination of both or you simply just enjoy what you are doing so much. Er, wait, or you dont think too much like i do. 

I guess my point is that life goes in circles. Everyone has their problems, we just need to find a way to sort them out without causing too much damage on ourselves.there is i thin only one way to do that: being ourselves and finding our talent it's the only thing we'll have forever, and maybe true love too if we find it.