Monday, 9 September 2013

Tasos and Marietta were seating on a tree....

So Saturday was an super awesome day! Marietta from Double Crochets tied the knot!! It was a wonderful wedding full of love and music. The bride and groom were happy, relaxed and in love- it was the perfect combination! 
The party involved lots of live music from three different bands and the vibe was that of a celebration  of a union. I wish them all the best from the bottom of my heart! 

I hope you all took a moment to admire the beauty and awesomeness of the bride!!! 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013


A lot of people say that September kinda sucks because it's the end of the summer, also most possibly the start of fall/winter but i personally i'm quite fond of September.

Here's what happens in September:

1. The weather is not too warm but not cold either, so you can wear you most loved clothing items without worrying for the heat (something that happens quite often in Greece). Also, the colours and the prints!!!

2. Weddings: a lot of wedding in september. I love weddings so i'm not too hassled about that.More importantly: my friend Mariettas wedding <3 It's this saturday - the excitement is immense!!

3. You get to meet all the people you havent met because it was the holidays or it was summer or you wanted to eat your weight in ice-cream and stand in front of the air condition all night. Speaking of ice-cream, here's the most awesome ice-cream i've had lately :
three twins <3

I mean come on!! Even the name is amazing! Also, if you eat it in september you dont have to worry about wearing a bikini, tights season is on it's way!!!

4. American Television : all my favorite shows are back !!! This years picks : "The New Girl" and also " The Mindy Project". Because Mindy is simple amazing and i can totally see myself in her, she's like Bridget Jones of the new decade- or millenia. I have a crash on her. Also on the way she dresses.

I also think it's pretty amazing that someone whos not size -2 is starring on a show and is wearing awesome clothes!

5. The Music: there is something about september and the music, anything you listen to fits in place and time and feels just right. I'm going through the 1940s music obsession.

6. The Bars: not too cold for outside but not too warm for inside: you favourite bars and your local are open for bussiness after a summer tha felt like hell on earth.

Winter: bring it on. I'm ready for you.

Friday, 30 August 2013

American Adventure

I finally crossed the pond over to the US!! It's been a long time i wanted to do just that, and i never thought there would come a day when i'd land at San Francicsco International Airport!!

I started obsessing about the trip over there, after all 12 hours in a flying machine is a very very long time but i will talk about that in a different post.

So i met my awesomely amazing friend Sarah Reese and we embarked on our adventure with the sole scope of me experiencing as many american things as possible, and ultimately admit if i want to live there permanently or not.

One thing i am very happy about is that i met some truly awesome people and i'm glad i shared precious times with them! We went on a road trip and i had fireball and delicious food!!!! Yes, i will admit that i could live in the US permanently

Dimi x

Friday, 21 June 2013

Prom Night, 2013

I find that one thing Americans might find surprising is that over here in Europe, being raised in the American cutlure of Grease, American Graffiti and the rest of Highschool movieschick-flicks and/or boy meets girls sort of movie every single girl is dreaming of prom night! Some will not admit to it, but all wish there would come a night when girls would wear pretty dresses, the boys would give them a corsage, they would take a picture on their front porch and then proceed to the actual ball.

The popular kids would be the kings and queens and the other would aspire to the ugly duckling turned swan sort of thing. It's all magical untill you wake up and you're not in suburban America, but rather in a small neighborhoud in suburban Athens. 

And then someting changes. Just 8 years after my highschool graduation, i finally get to go to prom- and it's the best kind of prom : a 1950s prom, with the fluffy skirts and the pure romance, the kind where you seat in the corner and a boy asks you for a dance. So tonight is the night: The Rollin' Foxes Prom Night!

Click here for the event

Friday, 24 May 2013


photo by marietta of the double crochets

Meet Declan! He's been with me since the summer of 2011!! I got the fellow in Ireland, he's a true irish charm!He's always smiling and carries three glittery clovers for an extra dose of luck!

At the summer of 2011 i used to take him everywhere with me and take pics of him! I think i'm gonna do the same this year too, i wonder if his preferences for scenery have changed over the course of 2 years.

photo by marietta of the double crochets
"Being Irish is very much a part of who I am. I take it everywhere with me"