Monday, 19 December 2011

Dimi is at work

So after a long stay in unemployment Dimi has finally got a job. Byez pyjama lifestyle. You will be greatly missed though.

What makes you motivated to get out of bed in the morning and go to work??Because mines is a 11 hour shift on christmas eve and new years eve. It's as a shop assistant. I'm not digging it.

Apologies i can not credit this ^_^

I have not forgot my promise for upcoming post, they will be uploaded in due time.

In the meantime-and as i am writing this from the shop- i will just say that i havent forgot, and i'm in the middle of a special project (well for me at least) !

There are various things going through my head, mopst of them of a bittersweet feeling. There is a sense of melancholy in everything i do these days.... I cant say i dont like it, but i will get over it.

Though, i am grateful for the job, as it means money, and money means plans, it means San Diego i'll be there sooner than i thought!!!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Whats the reason?

It's been too long i havent updated this. Work is doing my head in, but hey, it's valentines day and i only have a date with a box of chocolates. 

So, over this period of absence i've been thinking about work and romance and life in general. It's just simply  amazing how we always hope for something but then life twists everything and gives us something else. In fact, not something else, something completely different. Then there are the theories that tell you, oh life gave you that for a reason. Do you ever get the feeling that you simply cant find the reason???? Even in the long-term??

And on valentines day, we are supposed to celebrate love. Consumerism aside, every one of us who is single is thinking how nice it would be to have someone to celebrate it with: every year. How can this day cause nostalgia and depression to so many people, yet so many people actually or willingly celebrate it? I dont see the reason there either. 

On a more personal note, and with no feeling of self-pitty,  i sometimes think that maybe not all people are meant to be with their special someone. Other times, i think maybe i'm too stupid to realize that person is that special someone. But when you know and who feel that a special individual would be everything you ever wanted, but it simply cant be???What do you do then?? You simply hope... and meanwhile you listen to music (avoid Adele) 

Whats the reason?I dont know, but i think that sometimes just once in a while.....

For no other reason than fairytales makes us happy! Because, all of us, wether we like it or not, we are all romantic fools, and thats what makes us awesome! 

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Justi a quickie

Let's all take a moment and just consider this. Just because it is true. 

Friday, 25 November 2011


I tried to make it for a month without blogging.I failed. I also started another blog for a conference i am currently organizing. Oh Blogger how i love thee. 

The conference went really good! This year it was in Istanbul, next year i hope it will be in Athens!!! I've been involved into an student NGO promoting exchange programmes, non formal education, and above all students helping students. I've been involved since 2007, even before i went for my exchange abroad. In the last year i felt like i had lost my interest in the association- i felt like i always met the same sort of person and i have been having the same conversation over and over again. 

But this year was different. The participants were inspiring and excited to be there, or maybe i found my lost inspiration or should i say motivation. In any case it was a nice break from my boring jobless life. 

Being in a conference made me think about two things. First how people work in groups. Second, how people work in larger groups. The main question being, who is really comfortable in his own shoes?In a multi-diverse environment who is brave enough to be him/her self??
There are the types of people described above, to which i would like to add, the person who tries to prove himself smarter than everybody else (smart-ass if you will) and another who does something but not everything and maintains a good relationship with everybody, the inspiration. I like people like that, i think they're cool! 

Then we need to consider how people act in larger groups. In larger groups, i think people try to fit a certain motive, and thus loose originality. I find that people with the lose of originality and differentiation gain a certain degree of self-esteem and confidence. It's sad, because i think people win people over if they are original, confident and have the guts to be different. Those people are inspirational. I love them.

Lets all be different together!!! And yes, i will be all pro confidence here. 

PS. Thank you chibird, i love your stuff! 
Coming soon on Dimisays : the pyjama lifestyle, multinationality and a tiny trip to Istanbul! 

Thursday, 3 November 2011


escapism (ɪˈskeɪpɪzəm) —noun
an inclination to or habit of retreating from unpleasant or
unacceptable reality, as through diversion or fantasy

This key is symbol to my pledge

Amidst the current economic crisis in Athens, Greece, where i am more than happy to reside, i find myself with the will or rather need to escape more often than not.  It is a hard situation we are facing, and it is worse that there is no sympathy from the EU. This puts me in a bubble of panic : What will tomorrow be like?

As a person, i can not complain and can not thank my parents enough for what they have offered me. But when i an equipped with all i need for life and life stops right in front of me- what am i supposed to do then? When it is not only our happiness that's in stake here, but our survival, what do we do then??

The greeks over the years have been through an array of difficult periods and thus produced this quote: "In order to survive poverty, you need to have a good time" You need to escape it and focus on brighter things.
Therefore, i would like to make a pledge to focus on brighter things and things that take away this feeling of panic, uncertainty and depression. There are more things to be glad about: health, life and people around you that love and inspire you.

For my nameday an awesome guy i know gave me the most awesome present for my celebration, and he's getting one back too. He gave me "the key" to open the door to my escape, i use it as a symbol of my pledge.

Where is your key?

Monday, 31 October 2011

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

My Friend Said...#3

Here's something my friend, a sweet, proper girl who goes to church said 

" Pray for Erections"

Because men have problems sometimes too. 

Monday, 17 October 2011

Girl Power

Nope it's not about Spice girls. In every girls life there comes a moment when we start doubting our potential, our strength and well everything. We might even think "why was i born a woman?!" . It happens, as shit happens. When life throws in a challenge, it is because you need to respond to it and grow out of it stronger. 
"When in doubt, consult Rosie the Riveter" 

Vintage Love and Inspirational moto

And also, it's nice to feel like a super hero from time to time. 

Artist Shira Sela here

Endnote: this post is dedicated to some very special ladies in my life that have inspired me in many ways and consistantly never fail to do so. Thank you gals!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Things that Make me Happy


Inspired by the lists i read on the rockstar diaries I give you my list of what makes me happy this week! What makes you happy this week??

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Recreational Activities

Just in case you didn't know i love doing thing for no purpose, just for the laughs. I refer to such things as "recreational activities".

Since things have gone viral, the internet is full of these things. Batman-ing and plunking come to mind. I was introduced to the world of planking when i read an article on the Guardian- i instantly knew i had to try it. I was hooked! I find it exceptionally relieving doing things for no reason... It reminds me of the good days as a child when you had no responsibilities and you could just play all day. It gives you that feeling as you get some moments of doing nothing!

So planking i did.

Exhibit A: Group plank at a rock n roll summer party in Aegina

Exhibit B: I planked the next day at the beach, on top of a car nonetheless!

Exhibit C: I even planked after i said goodbye to my great friend Sandy, who went to France to study psychology and eat les croissants! It helped loose the sadness

All 3 photos by Marietta Fameli of doublecrochets

I like planking and i cant hide it. I even dared my boss to plank one day. Needless to say i have of course planked at work. Anyway, so i was thinking how brilliant it is, not just planking, but doing things for fun. It's even better when you see people from all around the world do it. (google planking) 

But then I realized, I always use to do it- i just didnt share the pics with anyone. Yes, i was shy back then! I would like to introduce to you, the good old days of me doing a variation of planking. I give you President-ing or as my friend called it Evita Peron-ing. 

The act of president-ing is fairly simple. Follow these instructions : 

1.You go to a place like a balcony or where you have a comparative advantage of height and ... 

2.Pretend you are saluting millions of people who came to see you and smile whilst your friend takes your pic. 

Photos by Vassilis Tsikalakis

The story behind this is simple. I used to act as a President for a non-governmental association of my university. My friend Bill acted as treasurer at the time and both of us are a bit mental. One day (the day the first pic was shot, 2008 or 2009) we were on an excursion at Nafplio and when we reached to top of the castle we noticed all of the association members where gathered underneath. So Bill kindly suggested i wave hello at my "followers" and so i did. Ever since, every single time we go on a trip with Bill, we take a picture like that (second pic from this past weekend at the island of Mykonos). 

So i wonder, have you ever done something like this?Whats your recreational activity?? And yes, if you attempt this i want to see your pics!!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Guest Blogging

I recently was a guest blogger for . The post talks about how as a media worker i viewed the respective field. The post is written in a semi-serious way as it was intended for a  serious blog, with a personal note of fun at the end- of course! 

To view the post click HERE

Two things i'd like to point out.

Since Constantine delayed about 2 weeks to publish it, i no longer work in the media. I resigned one week ago. I'm very happy for that! :) 
Unfortunately, Constantine also failed to upload the pic I chose for this post... But since that picture was vital for the understanding of the moral of the story - oh well, sort of - here is it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you "fun in the office" ! (when the cat is away, the mice will play) 

planking easily qualifies as "fun in the office"
How do you have fun in the office?

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Personal Space-time continuum

Photo by James Hawkshaw
Photo by James Hawkshaw

I was speaking to my  friend the other day and she mentioned she was going on a break with her boyfriend. She specifically said the needed some space and some time: some space-time. I take it that you are all familiar with the theory?  

I am however, very familiar with personal space. When one says "I need some space" ultimately they mean, i need some space for myself, some personal space. But what is personal space, it's connection to time and what does it really mean to us? 

I read somewhere that personal space is a distance of approx. 15-20cm radious arround you. For example, should you be in a crowded bus, if the person next to you is closer than 15cm, we have a serious incident of personal space violation. But never mind that, personal space has more to do with your own psychological attitude, the value and meaning you give to your space.

I think the idea of personal space came about because of the need to protect ourselves. Think about it. If the person next to you on the bus is closer than 15cm then you are in peril : he might step on your toes - and that hurts when wearing summer sandals. In any event, you might get hurt. In personal terms,  it functions just in the same way. This is why we choose who we are going to allow to come closer than 15cm. Observe (or rather, read on) ... 

I recently started taking rock n roll lessons. It is brilliant! There is an understated sense of revolution and  romanticism in this dance. The sort of teens in revolt against the steretypes of behaviour of the time. Also, the fact that you can only dance it with a partner makes it more appealing.

But dancing with a partner is not as easy as it seems. This is a classic case of personal space issues/violation. My teacher, she is the best, she always tell me that i need to loosen my right hand, dance partners tell me this too. It is a dance, she told us, which is lead by the male partner. Thus, the gilr should trust her partner.

Trust you say? I need my personal space, i say. Progressively, i have learned to trust the partner, but subconsiously, my right hand is still tensed, it's my defence against what the partner will attempt to do.It takes time and i'm still not there yet!(but i am trying, very very hard)

So this is what i think:

I have decided that we need our space untill enough time has passed to allow someone to get closer than 15cm, from our body or from our heart. Until then, we can wrap ourselves with bubble wrap ensuring minimum side-effects of violation and most importantly: when we "fall" we won't smash into pieces.

James Hawkshaw, demonstrating personal space bubble wrap approach

 James Hawkshaw kindly demonstrates a good way of securing your personal space. This pic was taken as part of one of his projects. James is a 22 year old artist who recently graduated from Leeds College of Art and Design and is one of the most talented and kind people I've met.

Check out James' website:


After i wrote this post, Marietta from the double crochets sent me this. If you are a visual person, you might find this diagram exceptionally useful -- Thanks Natalie Dee!
I read Natalie Dee regularly, but it just didn't occur to me that she had made this. Tiny Dimi-Fail :S