Friday, 21 June 2013

Prom Night, 2013

I find that one thing Americans might find surprising is that over here in Europe, being raised in the American cutlure of Grease, American Graffiti and the rest of Highschool movieschick-flicks and/or boy meets girls sort of movie every single girl is dreaming of prom night! Some will not admit to it, but all wish there would come a night when girls would wear pretty dresses, the boys would give them a corsage, they would take a picture on their front porch and then proceed to the actual ball.

The popular kids would be the kings and queens and the other would aspire to the ugly duckling turned swan sort of thing. It's all magical untill you wake up and you're not in suburban America, but rather in a small neighborhoud in suburban Athens. 

And then someting changes. Just 8 years after my highschool graduation, i finally get to go to prom- and it's the best kind of prom : a 1950s prom, with the fluffy skirts and the pure romance, the kind where you seat in the corner and a boy asks you for a dance. So tonight is the night: The Rollin' Foxes Prom Night!

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