Tuesday, 3 September 2013


A lot of people say that September kinda sucks because it's the end of the summer, also most possibly the start of fall/winter but i personally i'm quite fond of September.

Here's what happens in September:

1. The weather is not too warm but not cold either, so you can wear you most loved clothing items without worrying for the heat (something that happens quite often in Greece). Also, the colours and the prints!!!

2. Weddings: a lot of wedding in september. I love weddings so i'm not too hassled about that.More importantly: my friend Mariettas wedding <3 It's this saturday - the excitement is immense!!

3. You get to meet all the people you havent met because it was the holidays or it was summer or you wanted to eat your weight in ice-cream and stand in front of the air condition all night. Speaking of ice-cream, here's the most awesome ice-cream i've had lately :
three twins <3

I mean come on!! Even the name is amazing! Also, if you eat it in september you dont have to worry about wearing a bikini, tights season is on it's way!!!

4. American Television : all my favorite shows are back !!! This years picks : "The New Girl" and also " The Mindy Project". Because Mindy is simple amazing and i can totally see myself in her, she's like Bridget Jones of the new decade- or millenia. I have a crash on her. Also on the way she dresses.

I also think it's pretty amazing that someone whos not size -2 is starring on a show and is wearing awesome clothes!

5. The Music: there is something about september and the music, anything you listen to fits in place and time and feels just right. I'm going through the 1940s music obsession.

6. The Bars: not too cold for outside but not too warm for inside: you favourite bars and your local are open for bussiness after a summer tha felt like hell on earth.

Winter: bring it on. I'm ready for you.

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